Is buying Land a good Investment in Australia ?

Given the current marketplace, investment in lands and property in Australia is a no-brainer. Talking in terms of capital growth, it is one of the best investments that can give you consistent results. So, if you are visiting and seeing all the properties for sale in epping vic, chances are you have in mind and idea to buy land in Australia. Before we tell you why it is an absolutely wise investment to go for it, did you know that Australia has more land than most of the other countries in the world? However as not all the land is habitable – a large portion of it is invested in farms, industrial property and other expenses, you have to be careful and choosy while selecting your property. The experts of real estate agent epping can help you find the right option that fits your needs and budget. This passive long term investment has a number of benefits which are as follows –

Less volatile than the stock market

One of the biggest advantages of investing in land is that it requires less effort than any other forms of investment and is a much safer bet as an investment strategy. You need to find someone who understands the pros and cons of real estate investment and also can help you in doing the paperworks; but even then, this will be a much more secure and profitable venture than crypto or other investments.

Better future potential

Buying the properties in Australia has always been a popular choice for the residents. The market has seen considerable results over the decades and even for mortgage brokers and investment clients, they remained a gainful option. There are mainly three factors that decides a real estate investment which is the ability to find a proper tenant who can deliver the rental income in time and help with the repayment; the ability to develop equity in the property which can be used over time and the scope to use the bricks and mortar as managed funds; and, let this assets accumulate over time.

Tax deduction

A very important factor for investing in land can be the beneficial points in terms of the tax deductions.  This is specially for the ones which have a rental property and can get wide exemptions from their Australian tax office. Be it from advertising costs to corporate charges, there can be reductions in the rates from insurance, council and land taxes.

Long term investment

As the investment property in Australia has always been an open market, there is a price growth which is there forever. The property market has always seen unmatched performance and property portfolio can help you secure one of the best assets. Whether in a capital city where you have the young professionals and international people coming in, a steady tenancy is always in demand. So if you have invested in a land where you can grow a property, it can definitely be one of the most interesting and enterprising options for asset development.

A more straight forward option

If you are wondering whether to go for a property or a land investment, let us tell you that the latter is a more straightforward buying choice. This is because vacant land sellers are more motivated than those who are selling houses. The prices are also often set in a more negotiable pattern. And when there is a house people are generally more attached to it which is not always the case with a piece of land.

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