Tips to selling your property in Epping

Property purchases require due diligence and a lot of hard work on the buyer’s part. Similarly, selling a property at the right time and the right price requires effort as well. When you don’t have any experience and you’re dealing with an emotional, complex transaction, first-time home sellers may make plenty of mistakes.

To sell a property, you have to have a thorough understanding of the market in terms of pricing, documents, and marketing your product. Read on to find out how to sell your property at ease in Epping Victoria:

1) Understand the Market Trends:

Knowing the current real estate prices in your area is important before selling your property. In the past year, how have prices changed? Based on current market conditions, you can negotiate the prices according to your terms. Understand how the demand and supply of properties in your area are doing. It’s better to keep the price competitive is better than to negotiate too much if the buyer has many choices in your area.

2) Quote the right price for the property:

Avoid selling the property in haste and regretting it later for the lower price. You should be aware of the prices being quoted by other sellers in the area. In addition, do a thorough analysis of your property’s condition to see if any unique selling points will make your property stand out from others. If the property is located in a good area, the connection is good, and the infrastructure is excellent, buyers will pay a good price. 

3) Declutter:

When selling your home, decluttering is a very important task. Decluttering involves getting rid of all your stuff laying around and finding a home for it. Decluttering makes your home appear bigger to potential buyers. In today’s world of 3D virtual homes and augmented reality tours, it’s more crucial than ever that your interiors look as clean as possible.

4) Get Paperwork in Order:

Make sure you have all the necessary documents on hand. Consult your lawyer if any documents are missing or need to be updated. In the event you took out a loan to buy the home or land, now is the time to get the paperwork sorted out with your bank.

5) Take care of Maintenance Tasks:

Taking care of minor repairs will help you avoid having a minor problem becomes a major stumbling block to finding a buyer. Because buyers will probably identify them during a home inspection anyway, it is best to fix the issues before they interfere with the sale.

6) List Photos Online:

In today’s market, many buyers look for properties online. The property details should be posted online and you should also include good photos to highlight the property’s best attributes. If possible, use a wide-angle lens to show the entire property to prospective buyers. If you want to enhance your listing even further, consider adding a video tour or 360-degree view. 

Final Thoughts:

Selling a property quickly isn’t rocket science; it simply takes being efficient and prepared. If you are looking for properties for sale in Epping, Victoria, get in contact with the team at Capital&Co to get your sale documents drawn up and finalized quickly.

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