Things you should know before renting in Thomastown

It is not a problem if you cannot afford to buy a house right now; the best solution would be to rent a place where you can spend a peaceful time with your loved ones. While it is tempting to grab the first property that you see in your price range, you should carefully consider every aspect. The move to a new rental home can be exciting because you’ll be starting a new life in a new community with new friends.

Here’s a thing to know before renting a house in Thomastown:

1) Find Everything about the Landlord:

A complete understanding of your new landlord is essential. It is important to check the previous records of the owners with their old tenants, find out if they are strict on their principles, and determine if you will have difficulty negotiating with them.

2) Discuss Rent and Due Dates Carefully:

Decide if the monthly rent fits your budget before renting; confirm the new apartment only if the rent fits your budget. It is common for property owners to ask for the first month’s rent in advance before you move in, so take this into account when checking the affordability of th

3) Figure Out the Place:

Renting a property is all about location. A property’s modern features might entice you, but you may neglect to think about the extra commute time your new home will require. To avoid regretting your choice, do some research on the area or suburbs near your work, school, family, or friends before signing any contract.

4) Inspect the rental property:

In the first place, make sure there are no damages. Be sure to note down any defects, notify the property manager, and take a picture of them. This way, you won’t be held responsible for it, and if it needs to be repaired before moving in, it can be done. 

5) Get a Written Agreement:

A written contract signed by both parties is essential to avoid any misunderstandings after you move in; your owner must keep the original, and give you a duplicate. Unless you have a written agreement, or the rental contract is still pending, you shouldn’t pay the rent since they can ask you to leave at any time. 

6) Maintenance:

It’s important to consider what’s included in the lease, including who’s responsible for maintenance and home repairs. Repairs might be paid for or made personally by the landlord. Perhaps the bill will fall on your shoulders. If you want to avoid any unexpected costs, it’s important to know this before signing a lease.

7) Inform about Customizations:

Before making any alterations to the house, make sure to speak with your landlord. It’s often a good idea to discuss any customizations you want during your visit, so maybe your landlord will agree to make them for you.  


You must do your homework and understand the finer details of the tenancy agreement before signing it, as rules on payments and contact information for relevant authorities vary from state to state.

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